Upcoming Events

Dec. 29 2019 - Guest Preacher in Fort Myers, FL

Chapel by the Sea Presbyterian Church

Join Rev. Elaine Sveet in worship at Chapel by the Sea Presbyterian Church 10am on Sun. Dec. 29, 2019. Finish your year off strong with great worship! 

Chapel by the Sea Presbyterian Church

100 Chapel St., Fort Myers, FL

(located in 2500 block of Estero Blvd)

Jan. 20 2020 - Speaker at NCEC Conference


Elaine Sveet will be leading a workshop entitled ‘Chasing the Joy of Education - Avoiding Burnout’. If you are an educator and have the opportunity to attend the Mon. Jan. 20, 2020 Professional Development NCEC Conference, sign up to be a part of this conversation and inspiration with Elaine Sveet. There are numerous drains on educators these days, as there are on clergy. We’ll look at data, strategies and share best practices for how to thrive, not just survive your next year.

Rugby High School

1123 S. Main Ave.

Rugby, ND